Alumni Attending Reunion

The following are the classmates that will be attending:
Roger Adams
Brooks Jones
Stacey Bartlett
Lori Batchelor
Joni Christison
Max Gallegos
Rachelle Griffith
Brett Hales
Brian Hill
Tracy Jenkinson
Christine Johnson
Peggy Kennison
Steve Orchard
Russell Palmer
Kathy Payne
Sue Pearce
Troy Rydalch
Marty Van Wagoner
Jill Willard
Maridawn Wadsworth
Penny Wollam
Arthur Lucero
Grant Pearson
Jim Saltas
Kona Baron
Dawn Templer
Gwen Clements
Julie Harmon
Jodi Barnson
Robbie Dimick
Stuart Lawrance
Richard Zimmerman
Eddie Trujillo
Tanya Neff
Kayleen Cloward
Guy Christopher
Frank Brunson
Roland Olsen
Tammy Bosen
Russell Anderson
Tammy Lee
Karen Berling
Matt Miller
Judy Gallyer
John Maez
Wendy Belliston
Beth Ann Nelson
Kyle Holland
Larry Devey
Bill Cannon
Scott Armstrong
Joe Treadwell
Ralph Porter
Lanai Sadler
Dave Youngreen
Thanks so much for getting you money in! And just to remind those of you who have not gotten your money in, be sure to send it in ASAP!
We're so excited to see all of you!

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